The 2% Solution

Our latest case study highlights an estate planning challenge many business families face: how to best fund their inevitable tax liabilities? learn more…


The liquidity challenge

Intuition – or a “gut instinct” – is a wonderful thing that can often lead us in fruitful directions. But it’s not foolproof. Learn more…


Diffusing a ticking tax bomb

There’s an emerging issue that is catching many families off guard: with deferral strategies in place, and as the business continues to grow, the tax liability of younger generations in the family grows exponentially. The untimely future death of a much younger family member can create a large tax liability, without the liquidity to cover it. Learn more…


How an insurance strategy solved Bill Johnson's dilemma

Bill Johnson, founder and owner of an international auto parts maker, was introduced to Creaghan McConnell Group by another client in the same industry. Bill was open to meeting because he’d been told of CMG’s success in helping other business families like his. Learn more...


The Wasting Freeze

How do owners of successful private companies transfer their ownership position to the next generation, while also minimizing the tax consequences of the transfer? Learn more...


New income tax rules for life insurance in 2017 will have "significant impact on estate plans" 

Changes are coming to the Income Tax Act with respect to life insurance policies. We summarize the impact, and point you to additional details and examples. Learn more


2016 Federal Budget

CMG offers a concise overview of key changes to life insurance announced in the recent federal budget. Learn more