The fine art of choosing an executor

The founders and principals of Canada’s wealthiest (and most accomplished) business families have unique characteristics that few others share. There’s one trait they all have in common with the average Canadian – the urgency (or lack of) to plan their affairs for after they’re gone. …more


Lessons from Chip Wilson and Lululemon

Here at Creaghan McConnell Group we have a tradition of occasionally sending along a brief summary of insights from favourite business books that catch our eye.

Our most recent favourite is Little Black Stretchy Pants, a remarkably candid memoir by an iconic Canadian entrepreneur – Chip Wilson, the founder and creator of lululemon.   …more


Celebrating the world’s top 750 family businesses

Here at CMG, we’ve been delighted to see much more being acknowledged (and written) in recent years about the importance of family businesses to economies around the world. We even published our own independent research in 2015, highlighting the significant impact of Canadian family businesses on our economy – from the employment and infrastructure they create and the taxes they pay to the philanthropic contributions they make to communities and important causes across the country. …more


Celebrating Prem Watsa and family-controlled business

Seldom do we think of family-controlled companies – particularly family-controlled public companies – as outperforming their peers. Common wisdom would have us think institutionally-owned companies perform better. Not so. One Canadian example stands out. ...more


Remembering one of Canada's true business builders

Murray Koffler described himself as ‘just a simple pharmacist.’ But he was so much more. Murray died on November 5, 2017 at his home in Toronto. By any measure he was one of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs, a great philanthropist and a true inspiration to many.  ...more

Shoe Dog.jpg

Lessons Learned from Phil Knight

It started out as a compelling history of Nike and its legendary founder, Phil Knight.  But Shoe Dog, a Memoir by the Creator of Nike, ended up being so much more.  As Bill Gates recently wrote in his own review, “It’s a refreshingly honest reminder of  what the path to                                                                 business success really looks like.” ...more


Proposed federal tax changes will harm family enterprise in Canada
Significant tax reform is being proposed for small and medium businesses in Canada.  We think these changes will be detrimental to many family enterprises, and we wanted you to know that we’re now organizing with many of our industry partners, advocating for a more thoughtful and reasoned approach to the proposed legislation... more


McKinsey on family businesses
Family businesses must learn how to capitalize on their unique stengths says a new report by McKinsey & Company...more


Trust & The Family Meeting 
At the end of the meeting, as the participants went their separate ways, most of the family members were left thinking to themselves, “What just happened here?”  ...more


Three emerging challenges for family businesses
Many issues facing family-owned firms today are due to lack of stategic and succession planning, says a new report by PwC...more


The Economist on Canada's stability
As the world grapples with shifting geo-political events. The Economist points to Canada as a "happy contrast."...more


Globe & Mail cites CMG's research in column
CMG's research report on business families cited in The Globe & Mail...more


The effect of family ownership on share price
The list includes Thomson Reuters, Quebecor, Rogers, Bombardier, and Canadian Tire. These 23 publicly traded companies outperformed their peers on the TSX for the past two decades. What do they have in common?...more


The power of enduring companies
In separate commentaries, former Tata Sons chairman Ratan Tata and SEB group chairman Marcus Wallenberg both argue that creative destruction can be taken too far...more


Family firms driving global economy
Many business leaders predicted that “family businesses” would eventually become irrelevant, that they would be supplanted by better organized and better capitalized public companies...more


Canada's business families: building a brighter future
Independently researched and written, this report describes how Canada’s leading business families make a huge but often overlooked contribution to our economy. It is a counterpoint to the constant criticism...more


What you can learn from family business
Conventional wisdom holds that the unique ownership structure of family businesses gives them a long-term orientation that traditional public firms often lack. But some studies prove the opposite....more


The family capital assessment
How does a family take the next step? A Family Capital Assessment breaks down the elements of a transition into key sectors: independent advice, transparency, the Family Office, liquidity....more


The five secrets to enduring family businesses
Many of our clients started with very little, worked very hard, and built organizations that employ thousands of Canadians workers and taxpayers. The loss of any one of these organizations....more