Peter Creaghan, CLU

Peter focuses on financial security.

Achieving financial security means helping clients prioritize their most important business and family goals, understand the financial implications of these goals, and exploring available funding options.

Peter’s process addresses key questions like:  How much money will we need for our family financial requirements, such as estate taxes, buyouts of family owners, retirement of founders, charitable legacies, etc.?  When will the money be needed? What specific assets will be sold or leveraged to raise the cash?  Is this our best option, or are there other better options?

I am fascinated - and passionate - about helping families preserve as much capital as possible for the continued growth of their business, while at the same time ensuring the family’s financial security.

The real focus of Peter’s work is on the space between the family and the business. How do we preserve the independence of these two entities? How can we create a productive relationship between the family and the business — one that protects and enhances both?

Peter is a past Chair of the Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting (CALU).  He and his wife, Nisha, have five children and live in Toronto.