Actually, we're a business family that failed the first time around.

In 1875, J.D. Creaghan immigrated to Canada from Ireland with hopes for a better life. He settled in New Brunswick and built a chain of retail stores that became known as the "Eaton's of New Brunswick."  After three successive generations of family ownership, differing expectations, and lack of a clear succession plan, J.D.'s grandchildren sold the business – a century after it began.

One of those grandchildren was our founder, Frank Creaghan.  Frank had been a successful insurance advisor for 20 years at the time of the sale, and a member of the company's Board of Directors.  Frank regretted the sale of the company, feeling that the family had options that were never properly explored. In effect, the family heirloom got sold because they couldn’t find a way to plan properly.

Frank devoted the next 25 years to helping other families build plans for the successful transition of their businesses.  His own family's experience taught him first-hand not only the deep regret associated with mismanaging family capital, but also the important lessons needed to maintain it for future generations. Frank experienced the complexities and the possibilities of families working together in business.

In 1987, Frank co-founded Creaghan McConnell Group with his son, Peter, and son-in-law, Marty McConnell. Our purpose today remains the same as it was in 1987: to help business families manage the destiny – and future growth – of their businesses.

Bob Gould joined our firm as a partner in 2002. Since then, Peter, Marty and Bob, along with the entire CMG team, have built the company into Canada's foremost family capital company.  

Today, thanks to Frank’s vision,  it is our privilege to support many of Canada’s leading business families and their advisors.