Frank Creaghan, CLU

Frank is our founder.

In 1985, Frank's family was forced to sell their century-old retail business. As a board member, Frank experienced the ramifications of this failure firsthand — the layoffs, the lost investments, the ruined relationships. The most frustrating part of the sale, in his perspective, was that it could have been avoided through proper planning. 

Two years later, Creaghan McConnell Group was founded for this very purpose. Its objective was to prevent other family businesses from enduring the same, unnecessary loss. At this point, Frank had been an industrial engineer for 10 years and a financial advisor for 25. His deep knowledge of ownership structures and funding vehicles was invaluable to business families planning successions.  

Now retired, Frank remains a source of guidance for our company. Today, he collects the stories of Canada's most influential family business founders. He is frequently invited to speak about his career as an entrepreneur and pioneer in the field of succession planning. 

I’m always interested in engaging people who have built businesses in sharing their stories. It helps CMG build our own breadth of expertise. To me, it also reinforces our purpose in helping families.

Frank and his wife, Sheelagh, who passed away in 2008, have four children and nine grandchildren.