CMG’s approach relies on collaborating with the family’s key advisors. In fact, we measure our success in part by how well we support the family’s advisors in achieving their objectives.

By working with us, professional advisors can expect:

A Family Capital Manual. CMG’s Family Capital Manual introduces, in effect, a family office capability. It aligns family members and advisors around a common set of facts, a common plan, and a common purpose. The resulting alignment, and ease of communication, makes it easier for all advisors to do their work – often more productively.

Increased clarity and confidence. When family owners agree, in writing, advisors aren’t left having to guess what their clients want to achieve and what they should be focused on. Working with clear direction from clients means advisors can invest 100% of their efforts into achieving their best technical results, produced correctly and on time.  Advisors become empowered to work confidently within their own unique specialties – tax, legal, estate planning, insurance, family coaching, investment management - and produce the best results possible.

Regular opportunities for review and input.  CMG’s Family Capital Review ensures that all plans are regularly and thoroughly reviewed.  Regular, coordinated reviews give key advisors the opportunity for creative input and the chance to design new structures as circumstances change.

Increased client satisfaction. Increased family clarity, greater focus and productivity, improved collaboration between the family and its advisors has a spin-off effect. Conflicts are avoided. Delays get minimized. Engaged clients do what they say they will do, and the projects remain on track, on time and on budget. Meeting, even exceeding client expectations is a key to the success of the process. Clients like success.

Referrals and introductions.  Clients who experience a unique approach and unexpected value from their advisors, especially in an area of deep concern, will often be very enthusiastic about  introducing their advisors to others in similar circumstances.