Business families are a growth engine for the Canadian economy. Their contributions to our country are well-documented by numerous sources. You can read more about their impact in our Research & Resources section.

Our approach is to support the family in designing their ideal future ownership strategy, and then to help coordinate the necessary input from their key advisors.  The implemented plan will be clearly communicated among all family members and advisors, funded as efficiently as possible, and reviewed regularly.

This approach delivers some key advantages:

Clarity and confidence among family owners. When each family member has been given the opportunity for input, understands both the current and future plan for ownership, and is engaged with family’s vision for the future, trust gets created.  Clarity and trust creates confidence.

Financial security for family members - and the business. Knowing that the right amount of money has been deliberately set aside to deal with the inevitable “generational liquidity events” (e.g., estate taxes and buyouts of family members, ongoing dividends and other financial requirements) means that those running the business can invest with confidence.  It also means that individual family owners can make their personal plans with confidence. 

A quantum leap in effectiveness through coordinated advice. Independent perspectives among various family owners and their advisors, if unmanaged, can often lead to disarray and confusion.  CMG’s coordinated “family first” approach leads to alignment amongst family members and their key advisors.  And we know that a team approach to supporting the family always delivers far greater results than each advisor working independently.

A “family office” mindset. We believe the secret to successful continuity lies at the intersection between the family and the business.  It requires the ability to integrate the objectives of the family and the business.  A family office mindset enables the family to build a discipline in preserving both its financial capital, and its ‘continuity’ capital (their accumulated  wisdom, knowledge and experience).